I Win!


The other night I sat at my computer from 9pm to 1am, taking part in a frenetic and difficult Buffy The Vampire Slayer quiz in the Buffy/Angel/Whedonverse group on Facebook. Some 50 people started the quiz and maybe 25 were still at it by the end.

It was aggravating and frustrating. I missed some questions just because I couldn’t reload the page fast enough, and I missed a couple others because I went too fast & made mistakes. All I wanted was to make it into the top ten. But it turned out they only posted the top three. But I got third place! Yay me!

The admin made me my choice of collage as a prize. I chose Willow and Tara, my favorite couple on Buffy.




The big event of this week was Joss Whedon’s Napkinpalooza, wherein he added to the official Buffy canon with a scribbled drawing on a napkin, just because a fan on Twitter asked for more Buffy.


Then he went and did the same thing for Firefly.

The other thing I didn’t really bother to look into, but it had something to do with officially approving Marvel’s changing Thor into a woman. Don’t ask me. I don’t care much about Marvel and I’m just patiently waiting for Joss to be done with them. Joss does have some fans who are not into the Super Hero thing!!! Such as me. So I don’t really care what happens in the Marvelverse. They have lost me as of Guardians of the Galaxy. More on that later, maybe. Suffice it to say I think the movie really glorified guns & weaponry. Also, it was formulaic and shallow.


I’m not as insane as I look!


Sometimes I feel very alone in the world, at least in terms of my Joss Whedon obsession. But then once in a while something comes along to justify my rabid, insane fandom. Like this article! I really wish I could get a PhD in Buffy Studies (such a thing exists, you know) but it would actually take a lot of work and I have other things that need doing. So it’s just a fantasy.

One place I hang out in order to not feel alone is the Buffy the Vampire Slayer group on Facebook. People waste away their days there, just talking about Buffy! I love it. Except there are some apunctual repeat offenders there who kind of drive me insane. And then I am just as insane as I look.

But it’s not just me who’s off my rocker, it’s all of us, because in reality we are not off our rockers at all! There are thousands upon thousands of us rabid fans, and we just happen to know about Buffy. I defy anyone to actually watch all of Buffy and still not get it. Buffy really is that amazing.

I came across this fan who says she doesn’t usually paint, but this portrait of Buffy just came out of her one day. Her name is Tess Smith. I love this painting! I love it a million times more than when people just post photos. This is something she created herself, which hardly anyone bothers to do anymore. Hurray for fan art!


I have a painting too. I had it commissioned some seven or eight years ago. If you don’t recognize him, this is “Lorne” from Angel.  But rare is the visitor who knows who he is. Sad, sad.


Joss Whedon’s “Speed”


It’s been 20 years since I first saw the movie Speed and was completely surprised by how good it was. I’m not usually one for the action movie. Too much action. But Speed was good. What made it so good? Well back then I didn’t know the name Joss Whedon, nor did most people. And it wouldn’t have mattered if we did, because he got written out of the credits after re-writing all of the dialogue in the movie and making insane things make sense.

Here is a really good interview with Joss, about how he was “pretty devastated” by getting written out of the credits, and he talks about the work he did on Speed. It’s very interesting and also sad.

In other news. Christophe Beck wants to score a(nother) Marvel movie. Wait, who is Christophe Beck? He’s the musical wizard who scored Buffy, and that score was awesome (not including Season 1 which was someone else’s fault.) I have been consistently disappointed by Bear McCreary‘s score for Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and have often wished that it was instead scored by Christophe Beck. I think he is what the show is lacking. In any case, it would be neat if he and Joss worked together on The Avengers III, but I am hoping that Joss won’t agree to do the third  Avengers. He has too many other things that need his attention, not the least Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. That is where Christophe Beck and Joss Whedon should be reuniting.



Success! La La La


I just had a total religious experience while watching “Once More, With Feeling” with my friend. She told me about 1/4 into it that she totally got it now, why I was so obsessed with Buffy. And maybe it was because I knew she got it that I was able to let myself fully dive into the thing and experience it with all my being. I felt the way I felt when another friend had her first baby, and I was by her side. Kind of almost-crying and then real-crying from the insane beauty of it all. My friend thanked me for the Buffy experience, and went home to process it. I couldn’t be happier! I had wanted so badly to turn her onto Buffy so we could share it, and now she’s turned on to Buffy!

Watching the musical with someone who got it was like watching it for the first time. It was wonderful. Also, I was seeing it for the first time on a big screen, which made the special effects all the more wow-y. Everyone looked and sounded so beautiful. I could see all the individual muscles in people’s faces as they sang, and I appreciated the wonderful acting (and lip-syncing) better than ever. The emotion! So much emotion. And so funny. I’m so glad that all my worry about my friend not loving it was for naught.

I know it shouldn’t have been a question. But I have shown the musical to other friends before, and they’ve said “That’s cute” or “That’s campy!” and had no further interest in the Buffster and her gang.  And I really wanted this particular friend to get it, because she could use some Buffy in her life. Her life is very hard, and she struggles. And I know her struggles would be less painful if she had Buffy by her side the way I do. So I didn’t want to screw up the initiation and I didn’t! Yaaaay!

If you’re curious, we watched “All The Way” first, so she could get the lay of the land. It’s not my favorite Buffy episode, but it does introduce all the characters and what they’re going through. And I didn’t mind talking during it, since it wasn’t the most awesomest episode ever. I knew that episode wouldn’t have to really pique her interest, because the musical would do that. So we didn’t even talk about that episode and I put on “Once More, With Feeling” immediately after. And the rest is history.

But my job’s not done. Next up: “Hush”!!

Converting The Un-Converted


I have a friend who is willing to give Buffy a try after months of raving on my part, and I want to make the most of this opportunity to turn her on to the show.  I’m nervous because I have to do it just right, to hook her within two episodes. I know that if she gets hooked, she will be so glad to have Buffy in her life. She needs Buffy, but she doesn’t know it yet.

So I’ve been asking around, querying people on how they got hooked or how they would recommend hooking someone else. One person said “Start them on Season 2, and then if they’re interested later they can go back and see Season 1.” But a couple people have told me that they started with Season 1 and were hooked from the start. Whereas I was introduced to Buffy during a Season 6 Buffy party when the musical episode aired.

Until that night, I had been a staunch anti-Buffy snob. I assumed that Buffy must be a terrible show, or mediocre at best, probably some campy kind of crap. This opinion was based entirely on having seen the Buffy movie, and having of course hated it. How could such a terrible movie spawn a spin-off at all, not least a watchable one? I wondered. I didn’t have television during the days when Buffy was on, so there was no chance I might stumble upon it. I needed to be taught.

After the musical episode, I was hooked. I realized how very very wrong I had been in avoiding Buffy, and I wanted more, more, more. Next I was invited to another Buffy party, where we viewed the episode “Hush”. After that, I started borrowing tapes from my friend to watch different episodes, and then later the DVDs came out and at that point I started at the beginning and watched Buffy (and Angel) all the way through. When it was all over, I couldn’t bear to part with the shows so I just started watching them again. And then again. And again and again. And now here we are, 8 years later and I am still watching Buffy.

If I could give one gift to a particular kind of super-intelligent person, one thing in the world that I think would benefit them more than anything else, it would be to turn them on to Buffy. And this uninitiated friend of mine is exactly the kind of person who could appreciate Buffy fully, if introduced properly. I adore this girl, and I want to share what is more than my favorite show – it’s my religion. Buffy helps me through my darkest times and I want my friend to have the same light in the darkness. But I have to do it right. If I show her a couple episodes and she doesn’t want to see more, I’ll be crushed and wonder how I could have done it better.

Does anyone have suggestions as to how to rope in a new Buffy fiend? I will take all suggestions seriously, and seriously consider them. Right now I am leaning toward showing her “Hush” and “Once More With Feeling” and then giving her the Season 1 and 2 DVDs to watch on her own. If she can get through Season 1, it will be free flying from there. But if not… well that’s why I don’t know if maybe I should give her Seasons 2 & 3 instead. I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know. Help?

From Buffy to Bard


Today I went on a pilgrimage with my friend to see the Joss Whedon exhibit at Joss Whedon’s alma mater, Wesleyan University. It was in the film building, where he took his film courses. Unfortunately photos were not allowed, except I was able to take this pic at the entrance to prove I was there:

Screen Shot 2013-11-16 at 9.32.37 PMYou can kind of make out the outline of my head and shoulders in the reflection. Anyway, it was in a tiny room, but the exhibit didn’t feel tiny. It was really fun! They had scenes from Buffy running on a screen, and then things around the room like posters from Buffy, The Avengers, Much Ado, etc. and then in glass cases some props, such as money from Firefly, and Buffy’s stake! But for me, the most exciting thing was Buffy’s scythe from the end of Season 7, on the wall. When I touched it I felt a rush of slayer power coursing through my veins, and I felt connected to generations of slayers!

There was a Chitauri helmet (not the infected one, I hope) in a glass case as well, and other things like some of Joss’ notebooks from when he was coming up with Buffy and Dr. Horrible. And there was a map of Sunnydale on the wall. One of the most fun things was Hawkeye’s quiver, from The Avengers. It had an “ON” switch which I was allowed to operate, and the quiver actually worked! Remember how it would turn to ready a new arrow? It did that.

After visiting the exhibit we wandered around town, thinking about how this was where Joss hung out for four years. And we went to the movie theatre where he must have gone to see who knows how many movies! We saw Thor: The Dark World, which I must say was a disappointment. I found it nowhere near so funny nor fun as the first one. But we had to see it because it supposedly sets up the next episode of S.H.I.E.L.D. So in spite of my disappointment in the movie (it was battles, battles, battles, and one cute bit where Eric Selvig was naked on TV) I am ready for S.H.I.E.L.D. on Tuesday! (Or Wednesday morning, or whenever Amazon has it ready for streaming.)

All in all it was a great day. I’m still buzzing from touching the scythe. Scythe matters!