Avengers 2 Will Be A Musical Says Whedon

This is a funny joke.

Blankfire Bulletin

Who's up for an old fashioned sing-a-long? Who’s up for an old fashioned sing-a-long?

Joss Whedon has revealed that Avengers 2: Age of Ultron will be a musical. The main cast have spent months training with choreographers and singing coaches to perform original numbers penned by Whedon and his brother Jed.

“We’re all very excited” Said Marvel spokesman Dan Inzider. “Joss has this thing where he can’t help but produce musicals that aren’t that good but people somehow can’t get enough of. Once we bring out the Sing-A-Long version of the film six months after the original release we’re looking at doubling the box office of Avengers Assemble.”

Early reports suggest that songs include a duet for Black Widow and Hawkeye entitled Summer in Budapest, a Capatin America swing solo called The A Don’t Stand For France and Eurorock spectacular Bring the Hammer Down performed by Thor.

Whedon fan Tara Green said “I’ve seen Once…

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