Success! La La La

I just had a total religious experience while watching “Once More, With Feeling” with my friend. She told me about 1/4 into it that she totally got it now, why I was so obsessed with Buffy. And maybe it was because I knew she got it that I was able to let myself fully dive into the thing and experience it with all my being. I felt the way I felt when another friend had her first baby, and I was by her side. Kind of almost-crying and then real-crying from the insane beauty of it all. My friend thanked me for the Buffy experience, and went home to process it. I couldn’t be happier! I had wanted so badly to turn her onto Buffy so we could share it, and now she’s turned on to Buffy!

Watching the musical with someone who got it was like watching it for the first time. It was wonderful. Also, I was seeing it for the first time on a big screen, which made the special effects all the more wow-y. Everyone looked and sounded so beautiful. I could see all the individual muscles in people’s faces as they sang, and I appreciated the wonderful acting (and lip-syncing) better than ever. The emotion! So much emotion. And so funny. I’m so glad that all my worry about my friend not loving it was for naught.

I know it shouldn’t have been a question. But I have shown the musical to other friends before, and they’ve said “That’s cute” or “That’s campy!” and had no further interest in the Buffster and her gang.  And I really wanted this particular friend to get it, because she could use some Buffy in her life. Her life is very hard, and she struggles. And I know her struggles would be less painful if she had Buffy by her side the way I do. So I didn’t want to screw up the initiation and I didn’t! Yaaaay!

If you’re curious, we watched “All The Way” first, so she could get the lay of the land. It’s not my favorite Buffy episode, but it does introduce all the characters and what they’re going through. And I didn’t mind talking during it, since it wasn’t the most awesomest episode ever. I knew that episode wouldn’t have to really pique her interest, because the musical would do that. So we didn’t even talk about that episode and I put on “Once More, With Feeling” immediately after. And the rest is history.

But my job’s not done. Next up: “Hush”!!


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