I Win!


The other night I sat at my computer from 9pm to 1am, taking part in a frenetic and difficult Buffy The Vampire Slayer quiz in the Buffy/Angel/Whedonverse group on Facebook. Some 50 people started the quiz and maybe 25 were still at it by the end.

It was aggravating and frustrating. I missed some questions just because I couldn’t reload the page fast enough, and I missed a couple others because I went too fast & made mistakes. All I wanted was to make it into the top ten. But it turned out they only posted the top three. But I got third place! Yay me!

The admin made me my choice of collage as a prize. I chose Willow and Tara, my favorite couple on Buffy.

New, Exciting URL!


Congratulations, me! This blog can now be found at the very easy-to-remember www.thejosswhedonfanclub.com. Now I will get accidental traffic from people looking for an actual Joss Whedon fan club! But I actually am an actual fan club, I just happen to have a membership of one (me.) I meet in private by myself and then report back on this blog.

My fantasy though is that one day Joss will be idly googling himself, and he’ll happen upon my page and leave a comment. Joss, if you want to send me gifts, I have a wishlist at Amazon.com. But the best gift you could ever give me is to come visit me! I’ll give you my home address once I’m sure it’s really you. La la la…

Delusional Napkins


Two things happened in one week. The first was Joss Whedon’s Napkinpalooza, wherein he added to the official Buffy canon with a scribbled drawing on a napkin, just because a fan on Twitter asked for more Buffy.


Then he went and did the same thing for Firefly:


He also did some other stuff like officially approving Marvel’s changing Thor into a woman.

The other thing that happened this week is that I suffered a Buffy-related delusion.

I went to a party and immediately became smitten with a girl there who, like me, had watched all seven seasons of Buffy over and over, for years on end. I don’t meet many people who are as obsessive in their fandom as I, and the last one I met became my then-girlfriend and her likeness is permanently emblazoned on my arm. This girl at the party was beautiful in a nerdy way, and I forgot myself and the fact that she was way out of my league.

Stranger things have happened, I thought (well no, they actually haven’t.)

For the length of the party, we were pretty much only talking to each other. We both wore silly grins. We talked Buffy, and other stuff too. I could have sworn we had a very longish “moment.” And we were both vegan. I have a rather ridiculous personal ad up on a dating site, where I say I’m looking for a vegan Joss Whedon fan who (some other stuff.) It was years since I’d put that ad up, and nobody had fit the bill. But here she was!

I went home, completely convinced that I had “met someone”. I couldn’t think of any possible trait she might have that would lessen my interest. She was the girl of my dreams, and she would move in with me and we’d watch Buffy together and make out, forever and ever the end.

Needless to say, my delusion came to a screeching halt several days later when the friend who’d had the party came over and I had a chance to inquire about the girl, Annabel. Because I am an idiot who never checks for a ring or anything. My friend told me the sad news: Annabel was not only straight, but she had a super-hot boyfriend and they were totally into each other. Not only that, but Annabel apparently looked down at people who did some of the things I do. And possibly, she was snooty on top of it all.

And here I’d been thinking we were Willow and Tara. Now, I’m used to having unrequited crushes, but I don’t usually imagine people being into me (it’s usually the other way around.) What was our “moment” all about? What were the grins about? I have to say I think I mistook the passion for Buffy for something else.

I’m not crushed, I’m just bewildered. This (being so mistaken) has never happened to me before! If I’d been on Ecstacy, it would have made sense. But I wasn’t. So I just up and had a delusion out of nowhere. Obviously Buffy had something to do with it. Maybe watching, or even discussing, Buffy stimulates the release of endorphins.

I know that Buffy on a napkin does that for a lot of people, because the media won’t shut up about it (I followed suit only so I wouldn’t feel left out.) So maybe I’m onto something.

Happy 50th Birthday, Joss!


I’ve been thinking about Joss today (as I do almost every day.) Today was his birthday! And now that he’s all well-known and popular, a lot of people told him “Happy Birthday” and wrote about him. I would like to share a few Happy Birthday pieces from around the Web (instead of writing about him myself, because that would surely  come out all wrong.)

Fifty Joss Whedon Quotes From His 50th Birthday

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Happy 50th Birthday, Joss Whedon!

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Joss, I hope you’ve had the best 50th birthday a person can have. And now, back to watching Buffy!


Avengers 2 Will Be A Musical Says Whedon



This is a funny joke.

Originally posted on Blankfire Bulletin:

Who's up for an old fashioned sing-a-long?

Who’s up for an old fashioned sing-a-long?

Joss Whedon has revealed that Avengers 2: Age of Ultron will be a musical. The main cast have spent months training with choreographers and singing coaches to perform original numbers penned by Whedon and his brother Jed.

“We’re all very excited” Said Marvel spokesman Dan Inzider. “Joss has this thing where he can’t help but produce musicals that aren’t that good but people somehow can’t get enough of. Once we bring out the Sing-A-Long version of the film six months after the original release we’re looking at doubling the box office of Avengers Assemble.”

Early reports suggest that songs include a duet for Black Widow and Hawkeye entitled Summer in Budapest, a Capatin America swing solo called The A Don’t Stand For France and Eurorock spectacular Bring the Hammer Down performed by Thor.

Whedon fan Tara Green said “I’ve seen Once…

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I’m not as insane as I look!


Sometimes I feel very alone in the world, at least in terms of my Joss Whedon obsession. But then once in a while something comes along to justify my rabid, insane fandom. Like this article! I really wish I could get a PhD in Buffy Studies (such a thing exists, you know) but it would actually take a lot of work and I have other things that need doing. So it’s just a fantasy.

One place I hang out in order to not feel alone is the Buffy the Vampire Slayer group on Facebook. People waste away their days there, just talking about Buffy! I love it. Except there are some apunctual repeat offenders there who kind of drive me insane. And then I am just as insane as I look.

But it’s not just me who’s off my rocker, it’s all of us, because in reality we are not off our rockers at all! There are thousands upon thousands of us rabid fans, and we just happen to know about Buffy. I defy anyone to actually watch all of Buffy and still not get it. Buffy really is that amazing.

I came across this fan who says she doesn’t usually paint, but this portrait of Buffy just came out of her one day. Her name is Tess Smith. I love this painting! I love it a million times more than when people just post photos. This is something she created herself, which hardly anyone bothers to do anymore. Hurray for fan art!


I have a painting too. I had it commissioned some seven or eight years ago. If you don’t recognize him, this is “Lorne” from Angel.  But rare is the visitor who knows who he is. Sad, sad.


Joss Whedon’s “Speed”


It’s been 20 years since I first saw the movie Speed and was completely surprised by how good it was. I’m not usually one for the action movie. Too much action. But Speed was good. What made it so good? Well back then I didn’t know the name Joss Whedon, nor did most people. And it wouldn’t have mattered if we did, because he got written out of the credits after re-writing all of the dialogue in the movie and making insane things make sense.

Here is a really good interview with Joss, about how he was “pretty devastated” by getting written out of the credits, and he talks about the work he did on Speed. It’s very interesting and also sad.

In other news. Christophe Beck wants to score a(nother) Marvel movie. Wait, who is Christophe Beck? He’s the musical wizard who scored Buffy, and that score was awesome (not including Season 1 which was someone else’s fault.) I have been consistently disappointed by Bear McCreary‘s score for Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and have often wished that it was instead scored by Christophe Beck. I think he is what the show is lacking. In any case, it would be neat if he and Joss worked together on The Avengers III, but I am hoping that Joss won’t agree to do the third  Avengers. He has too many other things that need his attention, not the least Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. That is where Christophe Beck and Joss Whedon should be reuniting.